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Coffeeguide : Girona

Welcome to the first coffee or city-guide for coffee if you´d like. Our goal is not to tell you which one is the best cafe in town, that we leave for you to find out. However, we will do our best to try to give you some pointers for where to go for good coffee.

Lafab 1.jpg

First out is Girona in the northern part of Spain. Whether you go for a romantic weekend, foodcation (this is where you find the World´s best restaurant, El Cellar de Can Rocca), cycling or cultural experiences, Girona has it all. In March this spring, we went to Girona both for cycling and to meet up with our good friend and barista, Christian Meier. Christian is still employed as a full time pro cyclist, but has been passionate about coffee ever since he was employed by a US/Portland based team. Now he has together with his wife Amber, opened a cafe in Girona. Making a cityguide for Girona is simple, LaFabrica is the only specialty coffee shop north of Barcelona as far as we know.

The mission of LaFabrica is always to provide you the best cup of coffee, by using high quality beans and striving to find the optimal right roast profile. Christian is always eager to know what is going on in the Nordic coffee scene and they are definitely bringing a lighter roast to Spain. Talking about roasting, the roastery is between Barcelona and Girona. The roaster also roasts for Nomad, one of the best places in Barcelona.


Menu is simple with espresso, filters and cafe con leche (coffee with milk). They have kept it simple and want to educate more clients to try filter coffee, bringing out the true flavours of coffee. In Spain, most people are not used to the fruitiness a well extracted coffee can offer and wants milk and sugar to limit bitterness. Bitterness is not a problem here though.


Girona is a true mecca for cyclists thanks to the stable weather year-round. There is an evident cycling theme in the cafe and they extend hours to screen the big events like the classics and grand tours.

While we were down there we got to meet with Ian Walton who let us use some of his pictures for this guide. Many thanks, and make sure you check out his homepage. Stay tuned for more guides to come! If you there is any particular place you want us to tell you more about or maybe help us out, just leave a comment on our front page.

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If you need fuel for your ride, LaFabrica have delicious homemade organic energy bars.