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World of Coffee 2015

This week Nordic World of Coffee 2015 has been cracking in Gothenburg, Sweden. But hey, what is this thing you´ve seen all baristas, coffee lovers and producers of every coffee related product tweeting and talking about. We will try to give some brief introduction but also talk about our experience.


We went down just for the day, on the opening Tuesday. At the show you can meet all kinds of people from roasters to producers of packaging. Also, as part of the show are the five World Championships;

  • World cup Tasters

  • Coffee Roasting

  • Brewers Cup

  • Latte Art

  • Coffee in Good Spirits

Most of the above are pretty self explaining, but coffee in good spirits is probably the least so. Here the competitors are asked to make two identical hot or warm coffee and alcohol drinks and two identical cold coffee and alcohol drinks. In particular, for the Brewers cup and coffee in good spirits, the presentation is very important. Of course the taste is the most important, but the barista has to talk about origin and why he or she choose to do whatever he or she does throughout the process. Our good friend Odd Steinar Tøllefsen who placed number 4 last year in Rimini is through to the final this year too, at the time of writing the final has not yet started. Wish him good luck!

SRW OS.jpg

Apart from the competitions there is a lot of stuff to see, taste and try out. For our part we finally got to meet a lot of our partnering roasteries and get a face to all the email accounts. We also got to meet some new potential partners and get a lot of coffee back home to try. Not sure how we will get through all this stuff. Drop us an email at and maybe you get the chance to help us out!

Scroll through the photos below to get a feel for what was cracking in Gothenburg!

The scene for World Brewers Cup;

Brewers cup.jpg

Drop Coffee Roasters was present sharing their good coffee


Soon we might have this in our shop, electric kettle, perfect for your kitchen or office!


This looks familiar

EG stand.jpg

Got to meet and cup som of Per Nordby´s coffee.

PN cupping.jpg

Slöinge Kafferosteri is a bunch of good people roasting magnificent coffee. We will keep in touch! The coffee below is grown at 2400masl in wild forests. Can´t wait to try it.


The scene for the Tasters Cup.

Taster cup.jpg

Inside of an espresso machine.


Thanks for checking in. We will ship more coffee next week, if interested, click here.