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Coffee of the week #17-15

International orders are increasing and hence we will update our blog in English from now on, and soon we will release our entire page suitable for the english speaking crowd! We want to make world´s best roasters more accesible throughout Europe, and would love for you to spread the word.

Anyways, just in, we have shipped you a new coffee from Supreme Roastworks! By no doubt, the summer holiday has finished and great coffee is pouring out from their roaster. More tasty stuff is coming up and the latest chat with the guys down at the Grunerløkka cafe was truly promissing. Back to the Colombian, it is a washed colombia variety (yeah, you read it correctly), grown in the Huila region and close to the 2400 masl " El Alto de Los Idolos". Although the coffee is grown at around 1700 masl, the climate is perfect for growing coffee and many of the smallhold farmers have gone together to create the Los Cauchos co-operative. The Jairo Peres is a micro lot which is very clean, but not as acidic as we often find the Huila coffee to be.

Colombia - Jairo Peres

Variety: Colombia

Region: Huila

Process: Washed

Roastdate: 28.0.2015

We hope you enjoy the coffee and many thanks for the positive feedback on the previous shipment, it warms our hearts! And if you´re unsure how to give yourself a better start ahead of a rough day at work, we can always recommend to pop by your favorite cafe.