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Coffee of the week - #18-15

Heaven on earth is coming your way! Or actually it should have reached you by now. Damatteo is the roaster of this week´s coffee and we´ve sent a washed Kenyan and a natural Ethiopian for those who are very thirsty.

The Kenyan comes from the Kiriani Teresia farm in the Muranga region. The coffee trees are growing in a rich, sandy and volcanic soil at around 1700masl. Just like the coffee we sent you from J&N, this one is AA, i.e. the highest quality standar. Like we would send you anything else! The coffee is quite sweet and we hope you will like it just as much as ourselves.

Kenya - Kiriaini Teresia AA

Region: Muranga

Variety: SL 28

Process: Washed

Roast date: 07.09.2015

The Ethiopian Kochere you might have tasted as we´ve sent it out before, just that it was a roasted by Slöinge. There are of course different lots and roast, but it is a true berry blast! This exact one is roasted a slight tad darker as they call it the “modern espresso”. This causes a bit more creamy texture and profile in the cup if you´re an espresso lover. Of course it works totally perfect on a V60 too, don´t let the name scare you off! We know that people have different taste preferences.

Etiopia - Modern Espresso

Region: Kochere

Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Process: Natural

Roast date: 07.09.2015

Do you follow us on Facebook? If no, click here! We posted a picture of a cycling kit we got from LaFabrica Girona, that got really popular. It is a super sleek looking and fitting kit. We might order some sets, on a pre-order,pre-pay basis. Let us now if you are interested. The model is wearing a XS jersey and S bib shorts for the record. Send us an email and we will let you know more about pricing!