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Coffee of the week #19-15

When is the next shipment we often hear from you! That it always a good sign, meaning you have emptied the coffee we sent you, and more black gold is coming your way. This time we are back with some Oslo roasted bangers from Supreme Roastworks.

You do know that Supreme Roastworks have the most prominent coffee brewer in the world right? Yeah, Odd Steinar Tøllefsen won the world championship back in May and this weekend they served the championship coffee at the cafe in addition to selling some limited bags of that coffee (Natural Ethiopian from Ninety Plus Coffee). Unfortunately we can’t send you that coffee without running into bankruptcy, but we have sent something almost just as good! We might however help you out though if you really really want some of the championship coffee.

Anyways, more about this week´s coffee. The Kenyan that all of you will receive is actually once again the Kiriaini Teresia from the Muranga region. We find it quite entertaining to compare different roasters with pretty much the same raw material. This coffee has a very distinct taste of dried figs and mango. It has less aciditiy than the same coffee from Damatteo. The fruit is SL28, well known in Kenya and the process is washed.

Kenya - Kiriaini Teresia

Region: Muranga

Bean: SL 28

Process: Washed

Roast date: 24.09.2015

Second coffee this week is the Brazilian Fazenda Recreio, Sao Sebatia da Grama. This farm has been in the same family for 5 generation and is producing high quality coffee. As a lot of coffee from Brazil, it has a bit more heavy and full mouthfeel. Nevertheless, we find this to be a bit more fruity and especially after 2-3 weeks when it really has got time to open. Perfect for espresso, aeropress and V60.

Brazil - Fazenda Recreio

Region: São Sebastião da Grama, South of Minas

Bean: Yellow bourbon

Process: Pulped natural

Roast date: 24.09.2015

Check out this video from the farm;

LaFabrica cycling kits!

We remind you that if you want a LaFabrica kit, just send us an email to Wether you are a cyclist or just a coffee geek who wants to put it up on your wall, this is the kit to have. The fabric is top of the line from Craft and the same fabrics as the pro team Orica Greenedge is riding. Order through next week and you will also get a bag of Lafabrica coffee with your kit! The price is NOK 2800 for the entire kit or NOK 1500 pr piece. Tight fit, but rather normal sizes.

Next shipment is due mid-october, if you have any preferences we would always like to hear from you!