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Coffee of the week #22-15

Straight out of Sweden! Once again we have shipped coffee roasted by the Gothenbourg coffee lovers of Damatteo. Also we have tasted a lot more different coffee from small scale Swedish roasters. Two weeks ago Thomas visited Stockholm, and in relation to the cyclocross championship he got some samples to bring home with him.

This week´s coffee origins from the West Valley in Costa Rica and is yellow honey processed, which means the skin and some of the fruit pulp is removed from the bean. This gives the sweet but yet full mouthfeel without much acidity. Finca Chayote is a family owned coffee farm which gives them full control from picking only the ripe berries to processing, and allows them to tweak and fine tune every step of the process.

Finca Chayote - Costa Rica

Region: West Valley

Variety: Villa Sarchi

Process: Yellow Honey

Roast Date: 03.11.2015

Like mentioned in the introduction, we have got the chance to try some of the up and coming small scale roasters´coffee! First out;

Balck Coffee

Probalby the youngest coffee roastery in Sweden these days. The name (not to be confused with black) is the familiy name of Sebastian Balck. Sebastian has been a professional cyclist and it was through that experience he got to know and love coffee. He started roasting his own beans on a small scale, but has now invested in a Diedrich roaster and is set to open a new cafe in Kalmar, February, 2016. We got to try his Kenya Githiga AA which had a citric and lingering taste with hints of rhubarb. We wish him the best of luck and hope to pay him a visit! Read more on his webpage.

Kaffeverkstan Sigtuna

Similar to Balck, Jesper, the owner and founder of Kaffeverkstan is a small scale coffee roaster, but has already managed to spread his coffee around in Sweden at different cafés! We had the pleasure of travelling to China with Jesper for the Tour of Poyang lake where he brewed coffee for us every morning in addition to servicing our bikes. Now we got the official coffee for the Swedish CX nationals, a washed Colombian which we found to work extremely well on the espresso machine with nice long extractions and a delicious taste of dark chocolate. Read more here.