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Coffee of the week #23-15

Supreme Roastworks, Colombia, Huila, sweet.

After a long Swedish streak we are back with our favorite Norwegian (if not overall) roaster, Supreme Roastworks. They have really stepped up the game this autumn with delicious coffees, from "basic" Brazilians to the high end Nekisse RED from Ninety Plus. We have shipped you a sweet and soft coffee from Colombia however.

Pital is situated in the Huila region and sourcing is often done through family owned farms in the area, which is the case with Fabiola Rojas. The Huila region is know for offering smooth, sweet coffee without the acidity more known from Kenya for instance. These beans were picked in July this year and were washed processed.

Fabiola Rojas - Colombia

Region: Huila

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

Roast Date: 24.11.205

Caffein calendar

We have also prepared ourselves for Christmas by making a calendar with 24 small gifts. Obviously they consist of coffee. How to do it? Three of us got together, bringing 3-4 different coffees each. We do not know the others´coffee, so you might end up with the same beans a couple of times. Anyways it was a great pleasure putting it together and even more so drinking it throughout December! Don´t forget to check out our giftlist for Christmas HERE.