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Coffee of the week - #07-16

It´s been almost 12 months since last time we got coffee from mr. Per Nordby and it is fantastic we can tell.

This week´s coffee origins in Nicaragua, same country as we got one of the best coffees we tasted last year, also roasted by Per. Here is what Per has to say about the farm and farmer, he strives to have direct and close relationships with the farmers; "I met Jorge Lagos in the fall of 2013, the year I started my roastery. I visited Nicaragua to plan some special lots with another farmer I worked with then, and got introduced to Jorge by a common friend. His farm was well kept and I could sense his sincere passion for his coffee. When harvest came I got samples and they where teriffic. The following year I worked closer with him and we prepared several micro lots with different varieties and process methods. I have visited him again several times, last time in October 2015 and we have several crazy projects together for the harvest that is in process right now. Jorge and I have a great collaboration and we both aim to produce unique lots and tasty coffees. I think we both appreciate our trade relationship and I am glad I can work this closely with a skilled farmer like Jorge."

Furthermore, Per together with some partners has actually bought the neighbouring farm of Jorge, who will take care of the farm. But it further emphasises the true passion of Per. We look forward to follow his journey.

Santa Teresa - Nicaragua

Region: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

Roast Date: 23.03.2016