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Coffee of the week - #20-16

You might have noticed the premature shipment this week. Due to vacation we had to ship it early, and the next one might be one or two days late (10-11th October), we kindly ask for your patience! nevertheless we hope you enjoy the coffee from Supreme Roastworks.

Just in, is this red honey processed Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu. The Zamor family has been in the coffee business since 1970, and know two of the descendants have taken over the farm and have opened a micro mill called La Cruz de Tarazzu. They only use their own produce for this micro lot.

In the early stages of this coffee we find it to have a full and nutty mouthfeel. Should give you a lot of happiness either you use your aeropress or espresso machine!

Esteban Zamora - Costa Rica

Region: Tarazzu

Variety: Caturra

Process: Red honey

Roast date: 15.09.2016

At the moment we are browsing around in the Korean coffee scene, we will be back with a full update!