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Coffee of the week - #22-16

350 grams of natural coffee from Ethiopia!

Apparently you never get enough of natural coffees and we do our best to find the best ones. Historically natural processed coffee was seen as a "dirty" and cheap coffee. Done the right way it can produce some of the most flavourful and fruity coffees. For people who never have had true quality coffee a natural coffee can often blow their mind!

Despite a small delay this week all of you have now got 350 grams of coffee from Per Nordby. One of the most passionate coffee roasters we know. Also one of the best. Himself have visited the farmer who have processed this weeks coffee, and this is what he has to say; "I met Heleanna on my first trip to Ethiopia and she makes one of the best natural coffees I have tasted. She runs a dry mill in Yirgacheffe, buys ripe coffee cherries from producers in Hafusha and Wogoda, towards Idido. Heleanna is meticulous in the drying and sorting of the beans and the result is in your hands."

Heleanna - Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Process: Natural

Roast date: 19.10.2016

Like always we ship more than just one kind of coffee to the most thirsty subscribers. We are now offering the option to even ask for a more espresso specific coffee that works well on espresso machines as well as integrated automatic machines. And for all of you with integrated machines, don´t be cheap on the beans, there is no reason to spend thousands of crowns on a machine and filling it with supermarket coffee.

Anyways, the second highlight of the week is Kabingara from the Kirinyaga region of Kenya. Growing at 1600masl around Mount Kenya this is a pure SL34 variety, unlike most coffee that is a blend of SL34 and SL28. Hints of blackberries and plums.

Kabingara - Kenya

Region: Kirinyaga

Variety: SL34

Process: Washed

Roast date: 18.10.2016

Let us know what you think about our coffee and spread the word. Do we dare to tell you it´s just two months left for Christmas?