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Coffee of the week #24-16

Natural coffee hat trick! For the third week in a row we have sent you some fresh roasted natural processed beans.

Nord have roasted the beans, offering a very clean mouthfeel, not as rich as many natural coffees can be. We find hints of blueberries in the taste profile. The Yirgacheffe region is well know to most clients of Postkaffe, and coffee lovers in general. If you introduce new friends to coffee, natural coffees will often give them a totally new experience. Since our last visit at Nord they have stepped up the game both in the cafes and at the roaster. Behind the bars you may very well find barista champions, well worth to pop by any of their cafes. They have redesign the bags as well, which for many is important for the first impression!

SunYirga - Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Variety: Local heirloom

Process: Natural

Roast date: 16.11.2016

As we speak we are wrapping ut the christmas calendars. For the lucky receivers we hope you will have an unforgettable time running up for the holidays.