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Coffee of the week - #26-16

Final shipment of the year included a new relationship, namely Jacobsen og Svart. We are pleased to have them on board and man did they prove themselves worthy. It is always a joy getting in touch with new roasters and the to find out the coffee is outstanding.

N´dumberi is situated in the Kiambu County, part of a rich agricultural area in the Central Province of Kenya. The society holds three wet mills and was actually opened in 1962 by the prime minister. Today they have almost 10 000 families connected and each farmer has an average of 200 coffee growing trees. This should say something about the scale and labour intensive production.

In this week´s coffee you should find hints of pineapple and raspberries. Works very well on both aeropress and V60.

N´dumberi - Kenya

Region: Kiambu

Variety: SL28 & SL34

Process: Washed

Roast Date: 13.12.2016

It is now about time to say thank you to all that have stayed with us from day one and throughout 2016. For sure a lot of new subscribers will join us in 2017 thanks to many gift subscriptions.