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Coffee of the week - #01-17

Welcome to 2017 to all of our new subscribers, either you will stick for a long time or got a subscription for Christmas. Sales were record high in December and we hope all of you will appreciate your new brewing equipment and morning routine.

Supreme Roastworks got to kick off this year with a delicious Ethiopian coffee from Sidamo. What separates this from other coffees from the region is the super high altitude. It is grown truly by smallholder farmers with around 1 hectare of land each. Typically one hectare has 1500 trees, of which on tree can produce 100-200 grams of coffee. This should really give us a perspective of how much land is required for production of coffee.

In the cup this one is super smooth with a fresh taste of cherries and passionfruit. Try it on V60 as well as aeropress!

Dhiilgge - Ethiopia

Region: Sidamo

Variety: Local heirloom

Process: Washed

Roast date: 02.01.2017

For the thirsty ones or the ones who prefer espresso based coffee and correspondingly a coffee that is easy to work with on your manual machine we have shipped another coffee from Brazil. Like a lot of quality coffee from Brazil it is pulped natural, giving it at soft and full mouthfeel, but yet a bit fruity.

Santa Barbara - Brazil

Region: Bahia

Variety: Catuai

Process: Pulped natural

Roast date: 02.01.2017