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Coffee of the week - #10-17

Want coffee? We got you covered.

Jacobsen & Svart was a very popular addition to our portfolio of roaster. The passionate guys in Trondheim once again deliver above expectations.

First coffee is the Nbumberi Peaberry from Kiambu, close to the capitol city of Kenya. This society is formed by some 2600 farmers and coffee is grown at around 1800masl. Peaberry is the variety and these are the beans that grow at the tip of the branches. They are highly vital as it is only 1 seed compared to the usual 2 seeds in the berry. Soft acidic mouthfeel with hints of rhubarb and bargamot.

Ndumberi - Kenya

Region: Kiambu

Variety: SL28 & SL34 peaberry

Process: Washed

Roast date: 01.05.2017

For the 2 bag subscribers we got you the Heleanna from the Yirgacheffe region. This means you will brew a fruity cup of coffee. Instead of talking of the coffee we share the history behind the name:

"Yanni Georgalis established Moplaco in 1972 and was a third generation coffee exporter. Yanni was highly respected not only within Ethiopia but was well known and beloved by buyers of Ethiopian coffee around the world. He rightfully maintained a reputation for not only selling the highest quality coffee, but also for his integrity in all aspects of the business.

Heleanna, Yanni’s daughter, then comes from a long and established lineage of highly respected Ethiopian coffee exporters.Heleanna is a courageous woman and has done an admirable job of continuing the legacy of her father’s at Moplaco while also carving out her own version of it in the years since her father’s passing. Under her leadership, Moplaco is constantly evolving to produce ever-increasing quality coffee in spite of the complexity and challenges continually present within Ethiopia’s coffee production and auction systems. Born in East Harar Heleanna, as a young girl, was forced to flea her home in the face of civil war and so grew up and was educated in and around Europe, where she eventually established a successful career in finance. She neither imagined nor planned to find herself back in Ethiopia and working in the footsteps of her father within the world of specialty coffee.

After the sudden passing of her father in 2008, Heleanna was faced with a difficult crossroads: continue the legacy her father had meticulously built with almost no knowledge about the coffee business, or continue on the path she had created for herself within the world of finance. We are very glad and lucky she chose coffee. True to her personality and way of approaching new challenges, Heleanna completely immersed herself in learning about roasting, cupping, agronomy (including the latest research and practices in natural processing) and the niche markets of specialty coffee all around the world. Though she admits that these challenges were extremely daunting at times—and sometimes continues to be—Heleanna continues to trailblaze her way through specialty coffee and is consistently updating herself on the latest trends and experiments in agricultural and processing techniques, travelling around the world to meet with and discuss these developments with the best and brightest producers and coffee researchers."

Heleanna - Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Variety: Local heirloom

Process: Washed

Roast date: 04.05.2017