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Coffee of the week - #14-17

Arctic coffee is the latest addition to our group of roasters. The beginning was formed already 50 years ago when their grandfather imported coffee machines. Now it is driven by 6 passionate people of which Petter is the 3rd generation coffee lover!

The coffee that hit your mailbox is a familiar Ethiopian coffee from the West Arsi area in the Nensebo region. Growing at 2000masl it takes time for the cherries to ripen, hence the complex flavors of chamomile and berries. Coffee is an important cash crop in the area and around 800 smallhold farmers deliver their crops to the mill.

Gryning- Ethiopia

Region: Nensebo

Variety: Local Heirloom

Process: Washed

Roast date: 25.06.2017

These passionate fellas delivered the coffee at our premises same day as roasting!