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Coffee of the week - #17-17

Now with recyclable bags! We are so happy that someone is a part of changing the game. Coffee has a shelf life of 3-6 weeks, then why should we pack it like it should last for a full year? April Coffeeroasters (and more will follow suit) have now started with recyclable coffee bags, compared to the traditional multilayer packaging with aluminium on the inside. Just remember to sort it together with plastic packaging of course.

Patrik down in Copenhagen roasted a very fine batch of Ethiopian Chelelektu for us this week. Chelelektu is a washing station in the Yirgacheffe. Here the coffee is grown in a thick green forest and as many as 44,000 farmers grow coffee in the area.

We find this particular coffee to work very well on both the aeropress and V60. It has a very clean and soft mouthfeel with hints of jasmine, almost like at tea. Please let us know what you think!

Chelelektu - Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Variety: Local Heirloom

Process: Washed

Roast Date: 08.08.17

Second coffee out is the Costa Rican, natural processed, Hacienda Sonora. This is a farm we are very proud to support as end consumers. They have renewable energy from a nearby river, free housing for the workers and they also give away the surplus energy to their workers. Clearly a benefit of direct trade and why quality coffee has a higher price tag (still a cheap luxury good though).

Hacienda Sonora - Costa Rica

Region: West Valley

Variety: Red Catuai

Process: Natural

Roast Date: 08.08.17

See you next week!

- Thomas